A Wisconsin Couple Took Their Wedding Photos at a C-Store

Kwik Trip made the perfect backdrop for this couple’s new chapter.

October 22, 2021

Wedding Couple at Kwik Trip

JANESVILLE, Wisc.—Love is eternal—especially when a couple’s love for a certain convenience store is involved. According to Insider Intelligence, a Wisconsin couple not only declared their love for each other but also Kwik Trip when the duo took their wedding photos at a Janesville, Wisc. location.

Mark Steinke and Ashley Ormes were already married before the shoot, but they couldn’t resist taking more photographs at one of their favorite spots, which happens to be a favorite of the wedding photographer as well.

"It's the best Midwestern convenience store," wedding photographer Autumn Ferreira told Insider Intelligence. "We love their Big Buddy drinks, their free ATMs, the amazing and hard-working employees and food!"

The couple took various pictures throughout the Kwik Trip, including one on the forecourt with a gas nozzle in Steinke’s hand, one of them smooching while cheers-ing with Big Buddy cups and one of Steinke “proposing” to Ormes with a doughnut. They cut the doughnut together to celebrate, and of course, fed it to each other in true wedding cake fashion.

There’s even a shot of a Kwik Trip employee helping Steinke straighten his tie. The cashiers were excited to participate in the photo shoot, said Insider Intelligence.

Kwik Trip shared some of the couple’s images to its social media accounts and called the experience "a truly cinematic experience that deserves an Academy Award."