Police Warn of Car Thieves at Gas Stations

In St. Louis, 17 vehicles have been stolen this year from forecourts. 

October 14, 2021

Car Thief

ST. LOUIS—Car thieves are targeting motorists at Missouri area gas stations, and police are warning retailers and drivers alike to be aware, Fox2Now reports.

The would-be carjackers are making their move while drivers are occupied pumping gas or putting air in their tires. The thieves slip behind the driver seat and take advantage of key fobs left in the vehicle to drive away.

St. Louis police report 17 stolen vehicles and 11 cases of stolen items from vehicles at gas stations in the city’s second police district in 2021, Fox2Now reports.

“You always have to keep eyes on the back of your head and as my dad always said, keep your eyes on a swivel,” St. Louis resident Steve Laury told the news station.

It’s not only gas stations that thieves are targeting. This week in Rockville, Maryland, a woman reported that two men approached her at a Dunkin’ Donuts, demanding her keys. She refused and the men assaulted her, knocked her keys out of her hand and took off in her Mercedes, WTOP News reports. And in Stafford County, Virginia, a man trained in mixed martial arts fought off a trio of would-be carjackers outside a gym, WUSA9 reports, but lost grip of his keys. The carjackers, however, didn’t know how to drive his manual transmission car.

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