Fuels Institute to Host Annual Conference Next Month

FUELS2021 will dive deep into topics such as the EV market, recharging infrastructure, the ICE vehicle future and more.

November 02, 2021

EV Charging

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Fuels Institute is hosting its annual conference on Dec. 14-16 in Dallas, Texas. FUELS2021 is the transportation energy event to explore the critical issues facing the market and network with the most diverse set of stakeholders assembled at a single event.

This conference dives deep into the topics such as expansion of the electric vehicle market and deployment of recharging infrastructure, the unique challenges associated with decarbonizing medium and heavy-duty vehicles, understanding the future of combustion engines and liquid fuels and more.

FUELS2021 provides you with the best opportunity to learn from invited speakers and, most importantly, from other attendees who are intimately involved in these topics. It is the one place to connect with experts from all facets of the transportation sector.

A full agenda can be found online. Highlights include:

  • Keynote—The FedEx Experience: With a global fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles, ranging from local delivery vans to Class 8 trucks and everything in between, FedEx’s Russ Musgrove has to balance the priorities of reducing emissions in the most economically viable way possible. Musgrove will share his experience and perspective regarding the path to decarbonization and the variety of options that FedEx has brought to the effort.
  • Effective ESG Strategies: This session will explore how ESG is evolving within the transportation sector, how different sectors may approach developing effective programs and how they can effectively and confidently demonstrate the progress they make in satisfying the demands of their constituents.
  • EVs—Targeting Consumer Behavior: As the electric vehicle market expands, the demographics of EV drivers are expected to evolve from first movers to the more mainstream driving population at large. A panel will explore who these drivers are and what they need and want from the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Future of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles: On the path to decarbonization, addressing the emissions from these ICE vehicles—both legacy and new—must be a priority. This session will explore the opportunities that exist and are being developed to reduce the environmental impact of these vehicles in the light-, medium- and heavy-duty segments.
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