Foodservice Business Gets Boost From Mobile Marketing

Text marketing is simple, quick to launch and easy to test.

May 20, 2021

Woman holding a smartphone

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—As of 2019, 81% of U.S. adults owned a smartphone, and 37% of them said they mostly use it to connect to the internet. Now, foodservice operators are using that common and convenient tool to text message consumers and promote their businesses, according to

Famous Dave’s, a restaurant chain owned by Minnesota-based BBQ Holdings, is bringing in customers and dollars via text messaging. For the past two years, select Famous Dave’s stores have utilized Mobivity, a unified mobile messaging provider, to send out personalized text message marketing.

Famous Dave’s showed an attributable lift of 26% in customer frequency with text messaging (compared to non-messaging customers) and nearly a 50 times return on marketing spend. During the first quarter of 2021, the retailer grew its messaging subscriber base 17.5% and credits text messaging with successfully supporting COVID-19-related spikes in the restaurant delivery and takeout business. As a result, BBQ Holdings is rolling out the Mobivity messaging platform across all its Famous Dave’s locations, plus its Granite City Food & Brewery chain.

As reports, there are many benefits to text message marketing:

  • A campaign is easy to launch, and there’s no need for graphic design or images. Text ads only require copy and links to current web or landing pages.
  • Because the retailer only uses copy, it’s simple to use different copy in different ads to see which gets the best response.
  • Text messages permit more copy than a display banner and more flexibility to change the messaging at any given point

“[Text message marketing] not only enabled us to improve customer engagement but was instrumental in helping us navigate various business interruptions and challenges during the pandemic,” said Al Hank, COO at BBQ Holdings. “Messaging has also elevated our customer experience and strengthened customer loyalty, enabling us to grow our customer base across the board.” 

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