Coke Rhymes in 24 Poems on Summertime Packaging

The special packages of Coca-Cola are available through August 8.

May 18, 2021

Coke Summertime Packaging 2021

ATLANTA—To welcome summertime, some U.S. Coca-Cola bottles are now sporting summer-themed poems on packaging, the company reports. As of yesterday, the soft drink company is celebrating the season with Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 20-ounce bottles that feature a poem and the words “Open for Summer.”

According to a Coca-Cola spokesperson, “when you open an ice-cold Coke, you open summertime feels.”

There are a total of 24 poems available on the bottles. Six of those poems can be found on fridge packs and on 24-ounce, one-liter and two-liter bottles.

Available everywhere Coca-Cola products are sold through Aug. 8, the new poetic packaging launches alongside a new radio spot centered around the “Summer Tastes Better with Coca-Cola” tagline. This campaign, live in markets throughout the summer, celebrates how summer rituals taste better with an ice-cold Coca-Cola in hand.