QuickChek Partners With N.J. Lottery on Lotto.com

The new online courier allows users to play Garden State tickets on a website, rather than via an app or in-person.

June 09, 2021

QuickChek Convenience Store

TRENTON, N.J.—Last week, the New Jersey Lottery launched a partnership with QuickChek to bring Lotto.com to residents, NewJersey1015.com reports. The platform lets people enter drawings via a website, instead of downloading an app.

Lotto.com CEO Thomas Metzger said the new website will improve the e-commerce experience of lottery playing by making it more attractive to younger, more affluent and more tech-savvy players.

“For people for whom it's not part of their daily routine, we believe that our convenience factor will be a game-changer toward increasing the overall playership of the lottery,” he said. “A customer visits our site, they're not required to download any apps, they're not required to make any deposits, and they can go right ahead and buy as few as one ticket at a time.”

New Jersey gambling rules require that lottery ticket couriers can’t own retailers, so Lotto.com asked QuickChek to be a partner in the Garden State. Lotto.com is making its debut in New Jersey but could expand to other states soon.

“Our strategy was, if we're going to partner with a lottery retailer, we want to partner with the biggest and the best, in our view,” Metzger said. “And so QuickChek has been the No. 1 Lottery retailer in the state of New Jersey for years now.”

Metzger added that QuickChek joined Lotto.com because of the website’s stated goal of adding to the lottery’s customer base, rather than taking away current customers who play in person. “Our primary business is not to convert bricks-and-mortar players into becoming online players,” he said. “We're very much focused on creating incremental sales.”