Develop a Winning Category Management Strategy

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June 03, 2021

People and Many Products in a Convenience Store

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In today’s competitive marketplace, retailers of all sizes need to ensure each category is working hard to boost the bottom line. “It’s even more vital for convenience retailers to come up with a winning strategy when it comes to their category management,” said Doug Spencer, director, NACS Solution Center.

To help retailers develop a robust category management process, NACS has revamped its Advanced Category Management e-learning curriculum and added an in-person pre-conference certification course on the topic ahead of this year’s NACS Show.

Changes to the Certified Convenience Advanced Category Management Curriculum (CCACM) include combining assortment analysis with space management and expanding how to understand shopper behavior, while adding two new modules—building a brand strategy and price/promotional strategies. The new additions focus on helping retailers define their brand and develop points of differentiation—key drivers to customer loyalty—as well as gain a deeper understanding of price elasticity modeling and promotional strategies designed to serve both the category and the customer.

“Without a specific category management plan, retailers can flounder and lose customers,” Spencer said. “Our updated online course gives them the tools to succeed immediately, as well as develop a long-term approach that reflects the new retail environment.”

Want to learn more about CCACM and the pre-conference course? Join NACS for a free webinar on Tuesday, June 8 from 2 to 3 p.m. ET, “Looking Through a New Lens at Convenience Category Management.” Industry panelists will share real-world insights, solutions and best practices for navigating category management during the webinar.

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