Visibility Helps Enhance Store Safety

Check on your stores anytime, anywhere and generate valuable insights from what you see. 

June 28, 2021

Loop Convenience Store

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The need to keep their stores safe and secure is a challenge that all convenience retailers face. NACS Magazine recently talked with Matthew Umscheid, CEO, Envysion about how video technology can enhance security and provide crucial operational insights.

Matthew-Umscheid-Full-Resolution-v2_200.jpgQ: C-store operators/managers need visibility into their stores for many reasons such as theft, compliance and even growth. How does Envysion help?

A: By providing recorded and real time video footage, cloud storage, POS keystroke data, daily exception reporting, and access from any device at any time, Envysion is an invaluable managed video solution used to gain immediate visibility—across all departments—to monitor your business inside and out.

With almost a decade of experience and partnerships in the c-store space, we understand the many challenges faced by operators: internal or external theft, general liability cases, policy infractions, store culture, and even customer service. A video solution tied directly to data saves time from sifting through hours of footage. Plus, it provides concrete evidence and verification with the proof needed in loss prevention incidents.

Q: The right video solution can save c-stores time and money, is that right?

A: Yes! You can’t spend every waking moment in your store(s) and you shouldn’t have to. Our cloud-based platform lets you create and save video clips and snapshots, review your flagged incidents, and view reports from any internet-capable device. Our mobile app makes all of this convenient to access anytime and anywhere. A full library of customizable exception reports allows you to easily look up voids, refunds, unauthorized safe drops, opening a drawer without a sale—and more—all tied to video and audio for verification. One client reports an average of less than 1% monthly loss utilizing our solution when assigning regional managers and store managers with permissions to access the platform. They have implemented a 30-minute daily check of reports to ensure nothing out of the ordinary occurred the day before. Our experienced audit team can also review your footage and grade locations using metrics of your choosing. 

Q: Aside from enhancing security, what other ways can a managed video solution help c-stores?

A: C-stores are complex environments. With so many different revenue streams, high foot traffic, and employee headcount, there’s a lot going on. Retailers can also be using video to verify vendor deliveries, ensure IDs are being checked, monitor pumps and signage, as well as recording footage for training and development, which can help with rewarding proper employee behavior and in turn, build a culture of excellence. With programs designed to target food safety, hygiene and customer satisfaction, you can obtain multiple daily data points to assess compliance with operational best practices. Trust is the new KPI. Envysion helps to monitor all of these aspects of your business simultaneously to create a better work environment. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided our partners with immediate access to their employees and locations, giving them the peace of mind they needed.

Q: What type of data or information is available that retailers can take action on?

A: Tied to the footage from any given camera, retailers can see every single keystroke that is entered on the POS. You can even drill down by date and time, clerk or receipt number. This is helpful when reviewing events and exceptions that may be a concern. A standard set of reports has been refined based on customer feedback giving retailers freedom to customize and build reports that meet their needs. From line voids, to discounts, to refunds, no transaction goes unnoticed.

Q: How can retailers get the most from their investment in surveillance?

A: It’s important to have optimal clarity, access and video retention because incidents can arise days, weeks or months down the road. DVRs have limited storage, and by archiving to the cloud you can retain years of video for defending down the road. It is also critical to ensure that cameras are of decent quality and well positioned to provide full operations and loss prevention support. By placing cameras near a cooler door, or the back door, you can keep an eye on any debris based on OSHA compliance and safety. You can use motion detection to know when doors open or can verify who is at the back door. In one recent example, a vendor was billing for delivered product, yet the product seemed to be missing. With the video, it was found the driver never actually delivered the product even though it was on the invoice.

Envysion’s main value comes from our software and the different products we offer within the solution. Customers can embed our tool in their current surveillance approach, and we [can] work with customers to maximize the equipment already in place, although sometimes that means upgrading to new equipment. If a customer requires assistance, our customer support team is ready to answer questions.

This Envysion Q&A, “Visibility Leads to Action,” is featured in the June 2021 issue of NACS Magazine.