Philip Morris Gives Timeline to Stop Selling Cigarettes

The company plans to stop selling cigarettes in the U.K. within 10 years.

July 27, 2021


NEW YORK—Jacek Olczak, CEO of Philip Morris International (PMI), said the company will stop selling cigarettes in the United Kingdom within the next 10 years, reports Business Insider.

Olczak said the move was part of the company's goal to deliver a smoke-free future and end the use of traditional cigarettes. He also called on the U.K. government to outlaw cigarettes within a decade.

"We can see the world without cigarettes," Olczak said. "The sooner it happens, the better it is for everyone. With the right regulation and information, it can happen 10 years from now in some countries. And you can solve the problem once and forever."

Moira Gilchrist, head of global scientific communications at Philip Morris International, told CNBC that PMI can see a world without cigarettes. “Quitting is the best option, but for those who don’t, science and technology has allowed companies like ours to create better alternatives to continued smoking,” she said.

In 2018, PMI announced its intention to stop selling cigarettes in several U.K. newspapers. The full-page ads explained the company’s intention to slowly divest itself of selling cigarettes by turning customers from smoking to smoke-free alternatives. “No cigarette company has done anything like this before. You might wonder if we really mean it,” the ads said.