70% of Britons Prefer Convenience Stores Over Pubs

A recent survey found more residents would rather be close to a corner shop than a bar.

July 16, 2021

London, UK

LONDON—While Britain has been known for its ubiquitous pubs, the vast majority of Britons surveyed said they would prefer to live near a convenience store than a bar, according to a new survey by Subscribbe, Talking Retail reports.

The survey discovered that 72% of respondents want a corner store close by, followed by a park (63%), a supermarket (57%) and a pub (48%). Not surprising, convenience stores were the top choice in towns and cities alike in Wales and the South West over North or South areas of Britain.

“A good corner shop is clearly still an essential for any community,” said Graham Soult, a retail expert. “Having a quality convenience store nearby is certainly one of the big influences when it comes to buying or renting a new home, and that trend is only likely to increase as more of us embrace the ‘shop local’ message.”

The poll found age didn’t change the top spot, with 77% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 and 72% of those older than 65 both picking convenience stores as essential to be close to where they lived. “In today’s world, convenience has never been more important—and these results show that we still value popping round the corner to the local shop, despite being able to order more and more everyday products via our phones,” Soult said.

Erica Donna, co-founder of Subscribbe, added, “Good corner shops proved vital during the pandemic—their versatility enabled them to provide multiple services for customers when they needed it most—and all on people’s doorstep.”

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