New GasBuddy Program Offers Savings on Fuel Purchases

B2B program is aimed at on-demand delivery drivers.

January 26, 2021

BOSTON—The national average price for a gallon of gasoline is projected to rise in 2021 and could eventually hit $3 per gallon, the first time in more than seven years, according to GasBuddy.

GasBuddy, the travel and navigation app that helps drivers save on fuel, has announced a new B2B program, Payments-as-a-Service, that is powered by Pay with GasBuddy, GasBuddy’s consumer payment card that lets companies recruit, reward and retain their consumers with discounted and free gas. 

Two companies have already signed up for the Pay with GasBuddy program: Grubhub, the mobile food-ordering and delivery solution, and Gridwise, a mobile platform that helps rideshare and delivery drivers maximize their earnings. 

"Gasoline is the biggest expense for drivers," said Ryan Green, CEO, Gridwise. "Helping our drivers save on fuel costs has been a major initiative for us, and we wanted to find a program that could accommodate our nationwide audience. Pay with GasBuddy's agnostic brand works with nearly all gas stations across the country and gives us the ability to offer fuel savings to every one of our drivers."

The program gives users up to 25 cents off every gallon of gas purchased, and GasBuddy’s consumer payment card is accepted at 90% of U.S. gas stations, the company said. Delivery drivers enrolled in the program will receive standard Pay with GasBuddy saving benefits, plus an additional funded discount at the discretion of the partner company. 

The sign-up experience and the card can be co-branded for partners, according to said Mark Coffey, executive vice president of strategic partnerships, GasBuddy. “There is a massive community that relies on their vehicles to make a living. Partnering with these on-demand delivery companies means we can further provide our invaluable service to people who need it most.” 

Learn more about GasBuddy’s new Payments-as-a-Service program.