Hyundai Develops New EV Charging Station in South Korea

The automaker repurposed a former gas station, and drivers can reserve a spot via an app.

January 22, 2021

SEOUL—Hyundai has redesigned an old gas station as a charging station for electric vehicles (EVs), The Next Web reports. The carmaker has plans to convert more gas stations into EV charging stations throughout the country.

The new charging station in Seoul has eight high-voltage EV chargers, which can charge a variety of EVs from 0% to 80% in under 30 minutes. Hyundai has partnered with energy company SK networks to retrofit the gas station with the chargers and parking bays.

Hyundai is expected to open a dozen charging stations near highways, along with another eight locations in cities throughout South Korea. The automaker will also debut an app that will let EV owners reserve and pay for charging at these stations.

Currently, Hyundai is making big plans to push its EVs, including the popular Kona. The company will reinvent its Ioniq name into a lineup of EVs, including the soon-to-be released Ioniq 5 EV.

Hyundai appears to be following Tesla’s model by putting its own EV charging network in place. But it doesn’t appear Hyundai will have exclusive EV chargers—in 2019, Kia and Hyundai announced a DC charging network in South Korea. Hyundai said the charge points would be open to third-party vehicles, which appears to be the case with this newest EV station.

The U.S. EV market is predicted to grow fivefold by 2025, with incentives and subsidies driving EV ownership and creating new sales opportunities.

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