Check Out New Products and Services for Store Safety

All offerings are featured on a free NACS webcast.

February 03, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The third of three free webcasts from NACS showcases Store Safety/COVID and Technology trends and new product introductions, and it’s available now on-demand.

The webcast looks at products that support retailers’ cleanliness and safety efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and includes the following suppliers:

ISEE Sanitation describes its multi-function, refillable sanitizer dispenser system that brings hand sanitizer to virtually any location, including store fronts and on the door of cold vaults.

PumpLoc displays its PumpLoc dispensers which can be used with any hand sanitizer and are easily refillable with the dual-purpose funnel and drip tray included with every item.

Jolt technology helps foodservice operators serve hot, fresh food safely, thanks to quick temperature logs, automated temperature monitoring and food and date labeling.

Pinnacle Corporation demonstrates the Affiniti Cloud point-of-sale system, which features an array of hardware options and payment network support with remote management tools that enable fast, remote configuration changes.

Ecolab manufactures products that help foodservice operators keep food, stores, employees and customers clean and protected.

Excel’s touchless hand dryers, which can be installed at the sink or on the wall, help create
cleaner and more efficient restrooms.

Sungal’s new free-standing shelving system for walk-in coolers comes in a wide range of sizes, can be assembled with tools and gives retailers more merchandising flexibility.

Strasglobal’s Compliance Safe software keeps permit and license information—or any business-critical documents—in one location for easy access.

Watch the 20-minute Safety/COVID and Technology webcast for free now.