Technology Reduces Checkout Screen Touchpoints

New concept moves onscreen buttons for each customer to ensure no one touches the same area. 

February 26, 2021

Touchscreen Checkout

LONDON—Checkout touchscreens are getting a technological makeover in this time of COVID-19, Fast Company reports. Special Projects has developed technology called Moving Buttons that rotates the onscreen touchpoints for each customer, ensuring no two people hit the same area of the screen. Currently, the idea is in the concept stage, but Special Projects is ready to bring it to reality.

“An interface like this goes against many accessibility rules as people tend to feel more comfortable using familiar interfaces, especially those who find it challenging to interact with them in the first place,” said Adrian Westaway, principal at Special Projects. “We’ve maximized accessibility by anchoring the controls to the pay button and massively decluttering the screen. The idea is that as long as you can locate the pay button, you should be able to find the rest of the commands needed.”

The concept highlights the pay button, along with a search button to give more access to the menu. Shoppers can then make additional selections from the same area of the screen. The system also alerts employees when it’s time to sanitize the touchpad. When wiping down the screen, it changes from black to white to ensure all spots have been sterilized.

“Our goal is to just get the idea out in front of as many people as possible in the hope that it might be of use to some people and industries,” said Westaway.

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