Berlin Startup Turns Shipping Containers Into Food Trucks

They are lightweight and more sustainable than competitors.

February 16, 2021

BERLIN, Germany—Walkingboxes, a Berlin-based startup, is turning shipping containers into sustainable food trucks, reports  

Founded last year during the pandemic, Walkingboxes is creating sustainable “mobile kitchens,” the company reports. Daniel Lorch, founder and designer of Walkingboxes, believes the food truck industry will come out strong in the post-pandemic world since outdoor dining and takeout have dominated the past year.

Lorch was inspired to pursue the container-to-food-truck idea when his South Korean mother wanted to start a Korean food truck in Germany. While looking for a truck, he decided that none of the available options met the latest demands for design, sustainability or individuality. So, he turned to the concept of using a shipping container, which he found too heavy to be practical.

Now, Walkingboxes manufacturers its own shipping containers made of durable steel materials that are also light weight so they can be towed by a station wagon or minivan. And unlike a typical food truck, about 90% of the new version is composed of recyclable or biodegradable materials. According to Lorch, the trailer is semi-customizable, allowing picky chefs to design their own mobile kitchens. Three versions are available, small, medium and large, and prices start at about $33,000. Already, the company is receiving inquiries from chefs around the globe, but Lorch is still working out ways to ship the food trucks overseas.