Winter Storms Bring Customers to C-Stores

Shoppers empty store shelves, and some homes experience rolling blackouts.

February 16, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va.Nearly 170 million people are under winter weather advisories this week as snow storms, icy roads, power outages and low temperatures threatened businesses and residences coast to coast, reports CNN.

At least 11 people have died in weather-related vehicle accidents. Nine died in three separate incidents in Texas, one in Kentucky and another in Oklahoma. As of yesterday morning, almost 3 million customers were without power. Most outages were reported in Texas, where every county is under a winter storm warning. Rolling blackouts throughout the state began early Monday morning and continued amid high demand. State and municipal officials have warned residents to stay indoors and avoid driving.

Convenience stores across the nation provided food and supplies to those affected, while grocers like HEB and Kroger stores in Texas have announced shorter hours due to the storms. One Austin-area HEB was reported to be out of milk and butter with ground meats and crackers running low.

Below freezing temperatures are forecast to affect more than 245 million people in the lower 48 states this week, with more than 50 million Americans expected to experience temperatures below zero. There is the potential for more than 240 cold temperature records to be broken by Tuesday evening.

Convenience stores affected by the weather can download the NACS Emergency Planning Resources. These resources are customizable and include a plan evaluation document and Job Aids of tasks and checklists for specific functions that store employees perform during emergency and disaster planning and recovery. The Job Aids can also be used as on-boarding training, refresher training or immediate training when emergency conditions approach.