Walmart Is the Most Trusted Grocery Store

The retailer took the No. 1 spot for cleanliness/tidiness, health and safety measures and more.

December 22, 2021

Walmart Employee Waving

NEW YORK—Walmart is the most trusted grocer, according to a survey by BrandSpark International. The big box retailer took the No. 1 ranking in 15 different categories, including most trusted brand for in-store cleanliness and tidiness; health and safety measures; service/friendly staff; and great sales/deals, among other categories. 7-Eleven ranked No. 1 in the related formats category for convenience stores, BrandSpark said.

"Shoppers want their grocery trips to be convenient and efficient, especially during the pandemic and this busy holiday season. This means easily finding the quality items they expect at great-to-fair prices.  Great grocers are trusted to fulfill this time after time and across channels, while the best add exceptional service or unexpected value", said Philip Scrutton, vp of shopper insights, BrandSpark.

7-Eleven is the most trusted convenience store, according to the survey.

H-E-B unseated Walmart in the important categories of easy checkout experience and enjoyable in-store experience, while Kroger received the No. 1 spot for loyalty program rewards. Dollar General and Dollar Tree tied as the most trusted dollar store. Whole Foods Market is the most trusted natural grocery store, and ALDI ranked No. 1 nationally as the most trusted for discount grocery and the most trusted small format grocery store.

“Shoppers are seeking affordable options and uncomplicated trips where they get great value and ALDI delivers on this,” writes BrandSpark.

The one grocer that ranked No. 1 regionally as most trusted besides Walmart was ShopRite in the Northeast.