Here’s What Shoppers Want Out of Delivery

A new NACS research report offers insight into delivery service preferences and more.

December 21, 2021

Delivery Take Out Meal

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—NACS has released a complimentary report that helps convenience retailers understand shopper preferences for delivery.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many retailers have began offering last-mile fulfillment services, including delivery. However, many convenience retailers feel pressed into offering delivery to keep pace with shopper expectations, especially with emerging convenience-oriented services such as DashMart entering the scene.

“Providing delivery can result in many challenges for retailers, especially when it comes to understanding shopper preferences and delivery providers. How convenience retailers leverage delivery can extend the reach of store locations but requires a strong understanding for shopper expectations and preferences,” states the NACS report.

The report “Elevating Convenience Retail Delivery: Understanding Shopper Preferences,” looks at:

  • Convenience shopper digital ordering tendencies, delivery frequency and delivery type preference
  • A profile of convenience shoppers who order delivery
  • Delivery fees and the impact of free delivery on convenience shoppers
  • A better understanding for how retailers should structure their delivery efforts.

The report found that 43% of convenience shoppers have used a delivery service to order from a convenience store.

“Given that shoppers are accustomed to stopping in-store to make purchases, ordering via a digital device or ordering for delivery to an alternate location have historically been afterthoughts for retailers and convenience shoppers alike—until now. Survey results show that one-third of convenience shoppers place preorders multiple times per week that are retrieved in store,” writes the report.

It also found that order accuracy, loyalty rewards and subscription services are the most important factors impacting shopper preference for the service that completes the delivery.

Download this complimentary report today.