EV Owners Can Soon Roam on Charging Networks

Greenlots, ChargePoint and FLO agree to deal that gives drivers access to 54,000+ chargers.

August 09, 2021

EV Charging

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—A deal struck by Greenlots, a Shell Group company, will expand charging network options for electric vehicle drivers, allowing them to roam among ChargePoint, EV Connect and FLO networks.

Greater charging network interoperability will enable EV drivers to locate, access and pay at more than 54,000 public charging points across the U.S. and Canada. EV drivers can continue to use any of the networks’ proprietary mobile apps, based on individual preference without additional sign-ups, fees or markups, Greenlots said.

“This is a great example of collaboration across EV charging networks, and their experts coming together to give consumers and businesses the access they need to continue the transition to EVs with confidence,” said Greenlots Chief Product and Technology Officer Kuan Archer. “Roaming, in addition to more EV charger installations, plays a key role in driving greater EV adoption through better charging experiences and higher trust in the reliability of today’s infrastructure.”

EV charging accessibility is expected to continue expanding, as new networks develop, installations increase and bilateral roaming partnerships are formed. That gives EV drivers more opportunities to charge on the go, easier charging experiences and increased use of public EV charging stations.

The EV charging solutions provider is working to further expand roaming through future partnerships with other EV charging network providers, while continuing to grow and optimize EV charging infrastructure.

“The successful growth of the EV industry depends on major service providers moving towards interoperability, just as banks and cellular networks once did to ensure healthy and long-term growth for the industry,” said Patrick Macdonald-King, chief operating officer of EV Connect.

“This agreement with Greenlots furthers our mission to deliver a dependable and seamless driver experience. By leveraging today’s existing EV infrastructure, our respective users will benefit from the convenience of more charging opportunities regardless of the mobile app, vehicle, or credential used, and that is a win for the entire industry.”

Bill Loewenthal, senior vice president, product at ChargePoint, said “ChargePoint’s mission is to make it easy for all people and goods to move on electric power and industry collaboration through roaming partnerships are pivotal to making the transition to electric seamless. Software is the key component that makes roaming across EV charging networks a reality, and the agreement between ChargePoint and Greenlots ensures the best possible experience for drivers to find, use and pay for charging, all without the need for multiple charging network accounts,”  he said.

“We are excited about this new roaming expansion and are looking forward to welcoming Greenlots’ users to FLO stations,” said Nathan Yang, FLO’s chief product officer. “We strongly believe in the importance of open networks and platforms. Roaming agreements are a tangible way to improve EV drivers’ experience and break down barriers to widespread adoption, which ultimately encourages more people to switch to electric vehicles.”

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