Coca-Cola Taps Into Gen Z Love of Scooters, Sustainability

C-store customers who pledge to recycle can snag free rides via the Lime app.

August 30, 2021

Gen Z on Lime Scooters with Coca Cola

ATLANTA—Coca-Cola said convenience stores across the United States are now stocking Coca-Cola beverages in 13.2-ounce 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottles as part of the company’s transition to all rPET bottles, a move that will contribute to an expected reduction in new plastic use by more than 20% compared with 2018 levels across the soft drink giant’s North America portfolio.

The company estimates that the U.S. effort, which also includes Coca-Cola’s transition to 100% rPET packaging across the Coca-Cola trademark portfolio, will represent a 10,000-metric-ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions annually.

To celebrate, Coca-Cola partnered with scooter company Lime to provide over 40,000 free bike and e-scooter rides when consumers pledge to recycle.

“Now, with 13.2oz, 100% rPET* Coca-Cola bottles available at convenience stores across the nation, we’re encouraging people to go the extra mile to commit to recycling our products again and again,” said Brandan Strickland, brand director of Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America. “The 13.2oz, 100% rPET* Coca-Cola bottle is just one of the many innovations the company has introduced to make important advancements towards a World Without Waste.”

Consumers who purchase the Sip-Sized Coca-Cola bottle at convenience stores can pledge to recycle by visiting Those who pledge to recycle their Sip Sized 100% rPET* Coca-Cola bottles will receive a promo code via email—available on a first come, first serve basis—redeemable for a free, 10-minute bike or e-scooter ride through the Lime app.

Coca-Cola and Lime think the promotion will especially appeal to Gen Z, who are increasingly embracing alternative modes of transport like scooters, electric bicycles and car-sharing, according to research commissioned by ING.

“With sustainability so central to Lime’s core values, we’re thrilled to partner with Coca-Cola to encourage recycling of its new bottle made from 100% recycled materials,” said Sara Lannin, head of global business development and partnerships at Lime. “Contributing to a healthier planet requires us all to live more sustainably, whether doing more to recycle or replacing car trips with light electric vehicles.”

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