EasyJoy by Sinopec Wins NACS Asian Community Engagement and Support Award

The award, sponsored by PepsiCo, recognizes the retailer’s leadership during the pandemic.

August 23, 2021

CSA NACS Asian Community Engagement and Support Award

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Last week at the NACS Convenience Summit Asia, leading global convenience retailers, business and industry experts named EasyJoy by Sinopec China the winner of the 2021 NACS Asian Community Engagement and Support Award. PepsiCo, a global leader in convenient foods and beverages with purpose, sponsored the award.

Throughout the pandemic, Sinopec was able to keep its 30,000 Sinopec service stations and 27,000 EasyJoy conveniences stores open for business to ensure stable fuel supplies. The company also donated 16,500 liters of diesel fuel and 1,000 drums of construction machinery lubricants to support the construction of the hospitals for pandemic patients and offered free refueling service for ambulances.

In March 2020, which was a critical moment in the pandemic as people refrained from going outside, Sinopec launched “zero-touch” vegetable sales at more than 6,100 EasyJoy convenience stores in 147 cities in China. Customers could place and pay for orders through the EasyJoy app by Sinopec, while convenience store staff put the vegetables into their car trunks, ensuring a safe shopping experience.

In addition, Sinopec used its extensive logistic network to solve the serious problem of unsalable rural vegetables. As a temporary measure, more than 7,000 EasyJoy convenience stores in 126 cities sold vegetables, helping both farmers sell their produce and residents get daily necessities.

The company also went contactless at the pump, launching a one-click refueling function option at its nearly 30,000 gas stations nationwide to provide customers a touch-free service. The feature allows customers to place and pay for orders through the Sinopec mobile app or a WeChat mini program.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Sinopec has also paid close attention to the mental health of its one million employees and joined with more than 380 psychologists and mobilized more than 5,000 Employee Assistance Program representatives and volunteers to strengthen psychological intervention and guidance for employees by providing them comprehensive support throughout the entire period of the outbreak.

When the pandemic erupted, the domestic demand for medical supplies grew significantly and resulted in shortages of medical supplies such as masks, protective suits and disinfectants. Sinopec took prompt action to resume production and leveraged its industrial, logistics and procurement capabilities to produce much-needed medical supplies and materials.

As China’s leading energy and chemical company, Sinopec supported the international community by supplying 10,256 tons of much-needed bleaching powder to countries grappling with COVID-19 outbreaks, including Italy, France, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

“Sinopec showed tremendous leadership during the pandemic to support its customers, employees and the global community,” said NACS President and CEO Henry Armour. “The judges agreed that Sinopec and its EasyJoy convenience stores delivered an impressive level of leadership and community engagement that was not only needed, but necessary.”

The NACS Convenience Summit Asia took place last week from August 17-19 in a virtual format that transports participants into the epicenter of retail disruption and innovation for an immersive look into the future of convenience retailing. To learn more, visit convenience.org/CSA.