Terrible Herbst Recognized as a ‘Safe Place’

Las Vegas-based convenience retailer supports the National Safe Place Network’s mission to help local youth in crisis.

August 02, 2021

Safeplace Sign

LAS VEGAS– The National Safe Place Network recognized convenience retailer Terrible Herbst last week with its annual Community Involvement Award, presented at its Focus 2021 event in Las Vegas. The award recognizes a business that goes above and beyond the expectations of a local program. Terrible Herbst supports Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY), the local licensed Safe Place agency in Las Vegas.

“Terrible Herbst and The Herbst Family have been long time supporters of NPHY and are very active in community work. They helped us launch our community's Safe Place program, and we are incredibly honored and appreciative to have their in-kind support and financial support to NPHY by being our anchor and inaugural partner to our community's Safe Place program,” said Arash Ghafoori, NPHY executive director.

Ghafoori added that Terrible Herbst plays an active leadership role in the Las Vegas community to help solve youth homelessness.

NACS works with National Safe Place to help youth in peril get help from their current situation. Safe Place provides professional training to employees to identify and aid children who seek assistance. Jeff Lenard, NACS vice president of strategic industry initiatives, is a member of the NSPN board of directors.

“Convenience stores are essential businesses because of what they mean to communities—and that often goes way beyond sales. They truly serve communities and make them better, and Terrible Herbst is a shining example of how convenience stores help those in need,” said Lenard.

More than 20,000 businesses and community locations participate as Safe Place sites, including convenience stores, fire stations and libraries. These locations display the Safe Place sign and connect youth in crisis with resources and supports.

To learn more about becoming a Safe Place location, visit www.convenience.org/safeplace.