New Report Guides EV Charging From Concept to Operations

Insights can help retailers make strategic decisions about investing in public EV charging.

August 16, 2021

EV Charging

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—As more electric vehicles (EV) make their way into the U.S. transportation fleet, building an expansive network of publicly accessible charging locations is necessary. The movement also begs an important question: How can retailers enter this emerging business sector?

A new report from the Fuels Institute Electric Vehicle Council, “Best Practice Guide for Installing and Operating Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure,” shares insights on how business owners can make strategic decisions about investing in charging infrastructure, from the initial conversations to ultimately serving customers.

While studies show most EV owners (80%) charge at home, this behavior is poised to change as the market grows.

“The EV landscape continues to change at a rapid pace,” said John Eichberger, executive director of the Fuels Institute, adding that the Electric Vehicle Council recognized that there is a significant need to grow and develop a public charging network. However, too many questions about what it takes to develop a successful project can lead to uncertainty and inaction. “This report takes a holistic approach to answering these questions to increase confidence and allow business owners to engage with utilities, equipment manufacturers and local permitting authorities more comfortably and effectively,” he said.

The report analyzes several questions:

1. Assessing the business case

2. Utility engagement

3. Working with local authorities that have jurisdiction over site locations

The report also shares several case studies from early adopters who have already invested in the public EV charging space.

“Understanding the various issues involved in evaluating the business decision to invest in public charging is important,” said Eichberger, adding that the report dives deep into the factors involved with installing a successful EV charging station and covers questions related to assessing the public policy environment.

“Best Practice Guide for Installing and Operating Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure” can be downloaded free of charge at