7-Eleven Launches ‘Take it to Eleven!’ Campaign

The convenience chain has more than doubled its marketing investment this year.

April 28, 2021

New 7-Eleven ‘Take it to Eleven!’ Campaign

IRVING, Texas—Today, 7-Eleven introduced a new brand campaign called “Take it to Eleven!” doubling the convenience store chain’s marketing investment in 2021.

As the pandemic attracted customers to the convenience store category, 7-Eleven commissioned research that revealed that consumers viewed the brand as the “ingenious accomplice” amid the unpredictability of life.

A new full-funnel integrated campaign, developed with the brand’s creative and media agency 360i, “Take it To Eleven” embraces an attitude that makes a big deal out of even the smallest of things. It’s full of youthful energy and zeal…all against the backdrop of a 7-Eleven parking lot, a stage where everyone and every subculture is always welcome to be themselves. The campaign is directed by Harmony Korine, the creative force behind the Kids, Spring Breakers and Gucci collaborations.

“7-Eleven has always provided quick and easy access to the practical, everyday necessities people need in order to keep going—but at the same time the brand understands that there’s more to life than surviving. Particularly in times like these, when our days rarely feel like a 10, it can be easy to overlook the small things that bring us joy,” the company said in announcing the new campaign.

“That’s why the brand has always gone out of its way to bring a little delight, a little fun, a little off-the wall, playful indulgence to everyone that it serves. That’s not just fueled by people’s physical needs. It’s about lifting peoples’ spirits, feeding their optimism and keeping them amused.”

The brand’s new tagline, “Take it to Eleven,” is born of the notion that 7-Eleven has always been a brand with customer-obsession at the core, going over the top to feed people’s joy and always meeting them where they are by offering small delights that are a bright spot in the day, the company said. The four TV spots showcase the diverse stories that embody the “Take it to Eleven” spirit, from Japanese rockabilly to a group of all-female low-rider enthusiasts to a free-spirited roller-skating performer and a quirky pop punk garage band.

The campaign launches today across television, online video/CTV, OOH, social, display, radio and digital audio and includes:


A towering man on roller skates casually glides into his local 7-Eleven to snag a Slurpee, barely pausing as he taps his credit card to pay and rolls out the door. The thrill of that first icy sip sets off an unexpected display of agility, and the parking lot becomes the stage for his joyful skating performance.


Some people love rock and roll culture and dancing—but not everyone “Takes it to Eleven” like the group of rockabilly enthusiasts featured in “Pompadours.” Stopping by 7-Eleven to grab a coffee becomes an experience of self-expression, as a leather-clad customer with a perfectly coiffed pompadour selects from 7-Eleven’s 3,000-plus coffee options to make his own unique blend, before joining his friends for a spontaneous parking lot dance party. 

Big Gulp—Lowriders

A young woman fills up a Big Gulp before striding out to the parking lot, where she joins a group of female bikers astride low-rider bikes, their cup holders displaying a variety of drink selections. The bikers begin rolling through the 7-Eleven parking lot en masse, doing tricks and popping wheelies before they head into the night.

Delivery—The Band

A quirky garage band’s pop punk performance showcases how the 7NOW delivery app can satisfy random late-night cravings, from 3 a.m. taquitos, to “pizza, Big Gulps, dryer sheets, pickles, tall boys, doggie treats.” As a butterfly wing-clad skateboarder rocks out, the band’s amusing earworm lists the myriad desires that 7-Eleven can fulfill 24 hours a day.

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