Drink Up! Retailers Build Beverage Offerings

Hot summer days demand cool new drinks and flavors.

April 20, 2021

GPM Investments' Tangerango Frazil Summer Drink

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The 100 days of summer are around the corner, and convenience retailers are beefing up their beverage offerings to help keep customers cool during the hot weather ahead. From sweet shakes and slush drinks to liquids filled with electrolytes, c-stores have customers covered this summer.

Rutter’s, the York, Pa.-based chain, has rolled out a new flavor to the Xtreme Shakes lineup. Beginning yesterday, Rutter’s customers can enjoy a vanilla shake that’s made with a full-size Kit Kat Key Lime bar. The new flavor is available for a limited time.

Rutter’s launched the Xtreme Shakes collaboration with Hershey’s in 2020. The program started with five Xtreme Shakes flavors and LTOs were added over the past year. Currently, Rutter’s Xtreme Shakes flavors include Almond Joy, York Peppermint Patty, Reese’s and Kit Kat.

“We are very excited to offer these new Xtreme Shakes, and they’ve been hit with our customers,” said Joe Bortner, center store category manager, Rutter’s. “We plan to continue giving customers new flavor options through LTOs to expand this exciting new line.”

The Tulsa-based QuikTrip chain has added BIOLYTE to stores’ inventory. Created by Dr. Trey Rollins, an Atlanta anesthesiologist, one bottle of BIOLYTE provides the same amount of electrolytes as IV rehydration therapy, the company said. That’s seven times more than other leading sports drinks, but only one-third of the sugar. BIOLYTE’s natural ingredients aim to boost energy, ease stomach illness and reduce muscle cramps.

“We are excited to share the news of our expansion into QuikTrip retailers across the U.S.,” said Jason Miller, vice president of sales, BIOLYTE. “Our number one priority at BIOLYTE is to help people feel better. Hundreds of people frequent their local QuikTrip daily … we are excited for the opportunity to introduce BIOLYTE’s unmatched level of hydration and taste to these communities and travelers.”

Meanwhile, GPM Investments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARKO Corp., has rolled out more than 900 Frazil frozen slush machines to 800-plus stores across the country. Last summer, GPM consolidated under one unified slush program, choosing Frazil to deliver high quality and convenient drinks to customers.

A limited-time offer of Tangerango Frazil frozen slush—a fusion of two popular flavors, tangerine and mango—will be available May 19 -to Sept. 7 as part of the retailer’s 100 Days of Summer promotion.

GPM was among the first chains to offer Frazil’s new “internet-of-things” connected slush machine, featuring technology that lets Frazil remotely monitor the machines to confirm that all are on, full of product and working properly.

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