Thinking Big Drives Holiday Sales

Retailers find new ways to drive snacks sales with themed celebrations.

April 19, 2021

 Snack Boxes by The Goods Mart

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Goods Mart is a small New York City convenience store that is known for creative ideas. And with “Weed Day” coming up, the store is marketing a 4/20-themed snack box and is working with a well-known advocacy group to share its story.

The store, known for its themed snack boxes that it ships around the country, has a new curated box to “satisfy your sweet and savory cravings this 4/20 and beyond.”

While planning a 4/20-themed sales promotion might be a little challenging this year—after all, it’s tomorrow—there are myriad opportunities to find ways to stand out from the competition and create space for your brand.

The latest NACS blog, “Make 4/20 a Green Day,” looks at some of these opportunities by having fun with 4/20.

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