Circle K Introduces New Red Bull Flavor

Health-focused consumers seek functional beverages minus sweeteners.

April 01, 2021

Circle K Store and Gas Station

LAVAL, Québec—Circle K consumers nationwide can now enjoy the exotic coconut and berry essence within the Red Bull Coconut Edition Sugarfree flavor, a convenience store exclusive to Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. and its global retail chain, Circle K. The move is in line with consumer demand for better-for-your beverages.

“Currently, Red Bull makes up a large amount of Circle K energy drink offerings, and this exclusive new flavor further proves that we are a primary destination for all things energy,” said Alicia Mowder, head of U.S. marketing at Circle K, in a press release.

Many Americans are seeking energy-boosting options to help start their day—or get them through it.

Red Bull isn’t the only company capitalizing on alternative or healthier food and drink products. In February, PepsiCo launched Bubly Bounce, the first RTD extension of the company’s sparkling water line. It has 35 mg of caffeine but no sugar or calories. According to Zack Harris, vice president, water portfolio, PepsiCo, 45% of consumers today want the benefits of caffeine in their beverages, minus sweeteners and other ingredients.

Electrolit Hydration has launched a zero calorie line nationwide, including Berry Blast, Lemon Breeze & Fruit Punch Splash with a new low-calorie and lower sugar formula.

“Over the past year, consumers have increasingly looked at their health as a long-term investment, and they are calling for lower sugar, lower calorie options to achieve their hydration goals,” said Caridad Ochoa, commercial director with Electrolit, in a press release.

Other brands with new healthy products include Skinny Salamis snacks in All American Beef, Chorizo, Mediterranean, Truffle and Italian Style; new flavors of Vitamin Energy and Vitaminwater; and Craveology snack mixes with new flavors.

"The growth of functional drinks is driven by busy consumers seeking shortcuts to enhanced health, primarily by younger adults and parents,” said Karen Formanski, health and wellness analyst for Mintel, the consumer research organization. “The COVID-19 pandemic presents functional drink brands with new opportunities and threats. Products that provide immunity support and stress relief will thrive, but drinks with more emerging functional benefits may face difficulty appealing to value-conscious consumers."

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