Taking Care of the ‘Unseen’

Paola Bravo and Micah Nelson discuss leading teams by teaching them how their actions safeguard the environment.

September 09, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—What’s one of the biggest “unseen” things at a gas station? The underground storage tanks. On this week’s episode of Convenience Matters, “Protecting the Industry One Tank at a Time,” Paola Bravo, CEO of S. Bravo Systems Inc., and Micah Nelson, vice president of strategic growth for S. Bravo Systems Inc., talk less about how to take care of those tanks and more about why caring about secure storage tanks is vital to sustainability and employee growth.

“If you make them love a little bit more of what they’re doing, it makes a big difference,” Bravo said. “I want to make it important to everyone. … When you show [the welders, etc.] what they’re building, you want them to be proud of it. … When you start to educate your people about what they’re making, it brings a bigger importance of what they’re doing.”

One way Bravo Systems, a maker of secondary containment systems, tries to keep employees engaged is through frequent presentations at work to show how what they do impacts the bigger picture. Basically, that entails telling employees: “This is why the quality of this product is so important because this is its purpose,” Nelson said. “We try to keep the different departments engaged in not only what the product does but how it does it.”

With the pandemic limiting the size of gatherings, Bravo Systems began using more newsletters and online meetings. “With the current challenges, we had to embrace new ways of communicating so we could maintain the level of communication that we feel is appropriate,” he said.

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