Curbside Pickup Drives Customer Satisfaction

Consumers want short wait times when fetching online grocery, retail and restaurant orders.

September 04, 2020

SAN MATEO, Calif.—A recent study finds that short wait times and other factors are driving satisfaction with online order pickup, Chain Store Age reports. The Rakuten Ready 2020 Time Study found that the volume of online orders for pickup jumped more than 200% in March. More than 82% of consumers surveyed said they’ve used online order/curbside pickup at grocery stores, restaurants and other retailers during the past six months.

“Order for pickup is a differentiator helping merchants enhance customer loyalty in the pandemic and will continue to provide a competitive advantage in a post-pandemic world,” said Jaron Waldman, co-founder and CEO of Rakuten Ready. “Our study underscores that merchants have a tremendous opportunity to grow traffic and revenue by redefining and optimizing their order for pickup experience to adjust for consumer worries and gain their trust.”

The study discovered lowering the wait time for customers at pickup solidified customer loyalty over the long term. The pandemic heightened the need for shorter wait times, especially for in-store pickups. Speed is crucial to customer satisfaction with order pickup, but other factors contribute as well, including brand loyalty, easy ordering and product uniqueness.

“Our research found that time is precious for consumers, but overall satisfaction with the order for pickup experience hinges on more than speed alone,” said Waldman. “Delivering a seamless pickup experience from start to finish is key to customer retention and satisfaction—starting from the moment a customer chooses a pickup option to the final step of safely picking up their order.”