Starbucks Japan Provides In-Store Workstations

Customers use their phones to reserve a semi-private spot for about $3 for 15 minutes.

September 24, 2020

TOKYO—Starbucks Japan has partnered with Think Lab, creators of innovative workspaces, to offer customers a WeWork-style office in store, reports The two-story coffee shop is in Ginza, one of Tokyo’s most popular shopping districts.

Customers order Starbucks products from their smartphones and pick them up on the first floor of the sleek new facility. They also use their smartphones to reserve a workspace on the second floor, which is dubbed the Smart Lounge.

The Smart Lounge is equipped with power outlets, soft lighting and plants. The individual workspaces are sectioned off for semi-privacy, and reservations for the mini cubes can be made in 15-minute increments. There is a charge for using the facility—¥300 or about $3 for 15 minutes.

There's also an area for collaborative meetings that contains projectors and privacy for teleconferences.