7-Eleven Australia Upgrades Outdoor Digital Signage

New technology communicates with customers to drive brand awareness.

September 17, 2020

MELBOURNE, Australia—7-Eleven Australia has teamed with QMS Media, an outdoor media company serving Australia and New Zealand, to revitalize its digital advertising portfolio and help drive immediate action and increase awareness for brands nationally.

As reported at Bandt.com, the partnership has reinvigorated the chain’s small format digital network to premium quality Impulse technology, which includes 100% full-motion digital screens. Currently, the chain has 480 panels outside 7-Eleven stores in Australia, each with flexible ad-serving capabilities for immediate, relevant messaging.

All digital panels are a part of the industry’s measurement system that helps advertisers better understand and target the Impulse audience.

Approximately 91% of Australians live within five kilometers (three miles) of a 7-Eleven store, giving the chain the ability to reach more than nine million contacts every fortnight, according to Sara Lappage, CMO, QMS Media.