Communicating What’s Inside Is Paramount to Success

Rick Sales of Abierto Networks talks about digital and visual communications in the forecourt. 

September 16, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Are you clearly communicating what’s happening inside your stores to customers at the pump? Rick Sales, president of Abierto Networks LLC, discusses the missed opportunities to reach customers who are filling up in “The Future of Forecourt Communication Is in Pixels,” on this week’s episode of Convenience Matters.

“The forecourt is a great area of challenge because it’s outside, but it’s also an area of opportunity because of what you can do with the consumers who are there at the point of purchase,” Sales said.

The pandemic has made being a retailer even more challenging. “There’s a duality to what’s happening in this ‘new normal,’” he said. “People will continue to change offerings and procedures in the future and customers will have a tough time keeping up.”

As much as retailers think they are communicating what’s happening inside the store, Sales recommended doing it more. “One of the underlying rules of communication that applies to what you’re doing in the store, on the forecourt … is a clear, unified simple message that is relevant,” he said.

He gave four elements to the forecourt. First, the message has to be hyperlocal. Second, the message has to be timely. Third, the message has to be relevant. Fourth, the message has to be engaging. “Today’s generation of forecourt communications fails on all fronts,” Sales said.

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