Reading Store Trip Data

How retailers can adjust to less commuting and more purposeful store trips. 

October 28, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—What does the economy reset look like? Ariel Segal Eck, director of client solutions, data and insights for Foursquare, shares insights from new data about how customers are changing in this new normal on this week’s episode of Convenience Matters, “Reimagining transportation trends in the U.S.

In its most recent report, “Mobility Reimagined,” Foursquare looked at foot traffic in particular related to transportation. “What we’re seeing is a really interesting shift where people are choosing to drive rather than taking public transit,” Eck said. That translated into significant decline in foot traffic to places near train, Metro and bus stations.

“We’re seeing across the board for gas stations and convenience stores, as well as across many other categories, there’s been a disruption in what people’s day-to-day routines look like,” she said. “People are visiting places in the physical world at different times than they used to.”

For gas stations and convenience stores, now people are more likely to visit around lunchtime and early afternoon much more compared to pre-COVID-19. “Before, we used to see the busiest times around the morning and evening commute for these categories,” she said. “Now people may have that flexibility as they’re working from home to run errands on a lunch break.”

Eck also pointed out the impact this behavior shift has had on the breakfast daypart. “Breakfast has been hit much harder than any other daypart because of the pandemic,” she said.

People are doing things based on need more. “The path to purchase is also changing,” Eck said. “Outdoor activities are also picking up, exploring nearby activities by car.”

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