Get Ready for Electric Vehicles

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October 26, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Electric vehicles are creating a buzz. However, there are a number of unknowns in play for fuel retailers considering offering EV charging and for fleet operators considering EVs from light duty to Class 8. As data from the Fuels Institute show, internal combustion engines will be prominent in transportation for decades to come. At the same time, in specific regions and internationally, there are some aggressive actions underway to speed the adoption curve.

Fuel retailers and fleets are moving ahead and either “testing the waters,” or making firm commitments in states like California where there are a range of incentive opportunities to support early adopters. So, what is your plan, and are you missing out on opportunities?

The “An Electric Future—Are You Prepared for Electric Vehicles?” webinar will provide information to help make these crucial decisions. It is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28, at 1 p.m. CDT. Register here.

Hosted by FMN Magazine, the e-Mobility team from Gilbarco Veeder-Root is excited to explain how EVs work, why EV adoption is poised to spike and how conventional fuel providers and commercial fleets can meaningfully play in the EV space today and in the future.

Presenters include Deepesh Nayanar, who leads e-Mobility North America for Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a transportation technology company of Vontier based in Greensboro, N.C. Formerly the marketing director for fuel dispensers, Nayanar is using his experience to advance EV charging technology into the mainstream retail fuel, fleet and c-store markets.

Nate Valaik, the e-mobility product marketing manager for Gilbarco Veeder-Root also will be a presenter. Valaik’s current focus is on advancing adoption of EV charging technology for retail fuel, fleet, and c-store customers.

Michael Rubenstein, president and CEO of Wally’s, a destination travel stop, will provide an EV adopter’s perspective. Wally’s opened its first location in Pontiac, Illinois, on Interstate 55 between St. Louis and Chicago in September 2020. As the “Home of the Great American Road Trip,” Wally’s is expanding its offering throughout the Midwest. Rubenstein will discuss his decision to add electric charging in an operation that serves a range of vehicles.

Register for Wednesday’s free webinar here.