Dunkin’ OKs Employee TikTok Videos

Approved brand ambassadors share their work experiences and favorite products.

October 22, 2020

CANTON, Mass.—Retail employees are filming TikTok videos at work whether their employers like it or not, which unfortunately has led to bad press for some major corporations. But  Dunkin’ sees the potential of promoting the brand via employees on TikTok and has created “crew ambassadors” to post TikToks on the job, according to Business Insider.

The fast-casual chain gives social-media users a brand-safe peek into life at the company. It's a marketing strategy that works well for a platform like TikTok where the app's "For You" content discovery page means that an employee's video has as much of a chance of getting discovered as a brand's official account. 

Dunkin's first four crew ambassadors—Caitlin SwindlehurstPatrick NavarroMorgan Massaker and Ashley Darden—have uploaded TikTok videos touting their favorite menu items, explaining how to make a Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte and opening swag packages full of Dunkin’ t-shirts, stickers and tote bags.

Dunkin' launched its ambassador program after seeing TikTok videos showing "enthusiastic organic engagement of Dunkin' restaurant crew members sharing their experiences of working at a store." Each ambassador is compensated for their content and work.

Dunkin’s ambassador videos have the same quality of any amateur TikTok posts. Each employee films at the Dunkin' location where they actually work, complete with the same overhead lighting and equipment you'd see at any Dunkin'. 

Dunkin' has invested heavily in TikTok marketing in recent months, hiring TikTok's most popular star Charli D'Amelio, a 16-year-old social media personality from Connecticut, to promote a custom "Charli" drink in September after the creator spent months promoting the brand for free. But the company's push to enlist employees as "crew ambassadors" is new. It showcases how brand marketers are accepting their employees' behind-the-scenes social content and working with it rather than shying away from it. 

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