New Training Covers Hand Washing, Face Masks

Ready Training Online’s new e-learning module provides retailers with the information needed to operate safely. 

October 21, 2020

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa.—How can you effectively train your employees to wear face coverings and wash their hands throughout their shift? In partnership with NACS, Ready Training Online (RTO) has a new e-learning module that covers hand washing and face masks.

“Face Coverings and Hand Washing How-Tos” teaches retail staff the importance of face masks and correct hand washing procedures—and how these two things play a strategic role in preventing the spread of illness, including COVID-19. The tone of “we’re all in this together” underscores the training.

“We want our retailers to have access to excellent online training modules in order to properly train staff in these essential elements,” said Erin Pressley, NACS vice president of education and media. “Our frontline employees have a key role in preventing the transmission of germs, and this training provides the information they need to stay safe while serving customers.”

The new training will teach attendees the science behind face coverings, social distancing and hand washing, as well as provide an outline on how to wash their hands thoroughly. “NACS knows that one of the keys to success in this industry is developing high-performing employees,” Pressley said. “The right training like ‘Face Coverings and Hand Washing How-Tos’ can make employees feel safe while giving them the right tools to do their jobs well.”

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