Unlock the Future of Convenience

Retailers and suppliers can connect via a robust digital platform at the Crack the Code Experience.

October 19, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The NACS Crack the Code Experience is going LIVE on November 2 with robust digital tools and channels designed to empower retailers and suppliers across the convenience and fuel retail industry.

The ways in which we interact with and experience the world around us have drastically shifted in 2020. Business communities across all industries have had to reevaluate how to engage with vendors, suppliers, customers, distributors and more. The methods we are most familiar with— a handshake, a meeting, a face-to-face conversation—have suddenly been removed from our tactics and processes. This sudden shift in strategy may seem detrimental to some, but with the right tools and ingenuity, an exciting opportunity presents itself. One that will allow for a revolutionary type of brand and product engagement for continued outreach and growth.

The NACS 2020 Crack the Code Experience is a modern, innovative approach to building integral relationships between suppliers and retailers within the c-store community. Expand awareness, make genuine connections, and give your company an edge as our industry continues to evolve.

This powerful platform is all about broadening your brand’s outreach, empowering those direct one-on-one conversations, and immersing potential customers with everything your company has to offer. Attendees will be able to engage with you and your products through a variety of tools and channels:

  • Have that face-to-face interaction with video conference capabilities, as well as a live chat function, so you can address all of the questions and queries specific to each retailer.
  • Monitor and respond to appointment, quote and sample requests from potential customers from around the world. 
  • Create informative and dynamic experiences by leveraging the platform’s virtual demo feature and e-commerce inspired product showrooms that can be filtered by brand, category, price and more.

The more empowered and informed the Crack the Code Experience buyers are, the more suppliers will be able to meet with qualified, motivated potential customers. This platform is not only intended to facilitate connections and foster brand awareness, but it is designed in a way that enables suppliers to track and cultivate crucial impressions throughout this five-week series of content, connections and convenience.

It is crucial that convenience and fuel retail professionals are able to make these points of contact and discover industry insights in order for all of us to crack the code to success over the coming years. The future of c-stores and fuel retail businesses is not “coming,” it’s “here,” and the key takeaways and relationships companies will need to elevate their brands can only be found during the 2020 Crack the Code Experience.

Suppliers, secure your Crack the Code Experience Showroom today and start tracking and cultivating crucial impressions November 2.

The cover story in the October issue of NACS Magazine, takes an honest look into retailers’ decision-making process for adopting new products. Read “Shelf Esteem” online here and in the digital pdf version here.