7-Eleven Updates Customer Experience Architecture

New multichannel approach lets chain respond to customers where they are.

June 09, 2020

IRVING, Texas—7-Eleven, the world’s biggest convenience store retailer, updated its customer experience architecture to provide better and faster customer service, according to Chain Store Age.

Jerry Campbell, customer experience lead, 7-Eleven, said the chain has recently deployed a new customer-service management (CSM) platform to provide immediate, multichannel customer support throughout the enterprise, with a new mobile app and delivery offering. The platform came from ServiceNow, a technical support provider based in Santa Clara, California.

“We were using a very manual customer service system, which couldn’t quickly separate customer feedback from issues that required help,” Campbell told Chain Store Age. “Two agents from our call center had to go through 1,300 separate pieces of information a day and try to distinguish what was customer feedback or a request for help—it was like trying to find ping pong balls in a box that was 90% golf balls.”

When the agents located those cases, they had no way of prioritizing them, which meant urgent issues couldn’t be dealt with immediately, and the team could not diagnose customer pain points or easily track common issues. Customers had to wait extended periods of time to get their issues resolved, “and we couldn’t easily improve the customer experience without visibility into the issues themselves,” he said.

The company wanted a solution that was friendly both internally and externally. It needed to improve service across the full spectrum of the business, because “having a Slurpee machine out of order or a gas pump down in a location requires servicing and repairs to meet the customer’s need,” Campbell said.

The integration of ServiceNow modules ultimately aided in the evaluation of this customer experience solution, Chain Store Age reports.

The new tool was implemented over a six-week period, then Campbell’s team took it to the 7-Eleven call center and trained the agents within a four-day window. The team noted a 93% decline in case volume and a surge in its case resolution rate.

The new multichannel approach means customers get help 1,860% faster, and “with the time we have saved, we are now helping other departments as well, such as helping people who want to open a franchise and assisting with app and website reviews,” Campbell said.