The Frozen Aisle Embraces Clean Labels, Plant-Based Foods

Consumers are snapping up healthier frozen convenience foods, while 7-Eleven Australia debuted plant-based fresh food.

June 05, 2020

HARRISBURG, Pa.—7-Eleven has launched plant-based food on the go in Australia. The chain recently debuted the 7-Eleven No Chicken and Lettuce Sandwich, 7-Eleven No Egg and Lettuce Sandwich, 7-Eleven No Beef Pie and 7-Eleven No Sausage Roll.

“We didn’t just want to have plant-based options, we wanted to make sure they were tasty products in their own right,” said Julie Laycock, 7-Eleven Australia’s general manager marketing. “While our range includes our traditional meat and animal products, these new products provide more choices for more people.”

7-Eleven isn’t the only retailer looking to boost its clean-label, plant-based foods. In the frozen section, the better-for-you category has exploded because of the coronavirus, Supermarket News reports. Consumers want more convenience and healthy frozen meal solutions now.

“With many shoppers prioritizing both health and convenience, frozen foods have experienced a resurgence in recent years, as cleaner labels have become standard and options have become more nutritious, varied and higher quality,” said Colin Stewart, executive vice president of business intelligence for Acosta. “Frozen foods continue to outpace total store growth, and some of the fastest-growing frozen categories include meat, seafood and breakfast.”

Consumers want frozen foods to help them eat better. National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRFA) research indicates that frozen foods with better-for-you messaging are growing quicker than the category as a whole.

“Consumers are looking for more from their food,” said Julie Henderson, vice president of communications at NFRFA. “There is a shift toward demand for functional foods as consumers are using food to address health issues or contribute to their overall health and well-being. Whether it be a desire for less carbs, plant-based protein, gluten-free, vegan or a myriad of other dietary and lifestyle demands, frozen food manufacturers are innovating to satisfy those needs.”