Wawa Stores Move to Grow the Alcohol Category

Easing Pennsylvania alcohol sales laws make it possible.

June 23, 2020

PHILADELPHIA.—Pennsylvania’s stringent alcohol sale laws are starting to ease. The Wawa convenience chain received its first beer license in the state last year. Now, a Wawa store in Horsham, Pennsylvania, a township 10 miles from downtown Philadelphia, is seeking the double transfer of a liquor license to that location, reports the Philadelphia Business Journal. The 850-store chain also has pending liquor licenses for two other Pennsylvania locations.

According to spokeswoman Lori Bruce, the company is “going through the process for some licenses,” but details and timelines are not yet set. “They are likely not to be set until 2021,” she said.

The Horsham store manager said the original plan was for the location to have the alcohol offerings last week, but nothing is “set in stone.” One of the other two locations is expected to be remodeled before rolling out alcohol sales, he said, but that work has been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In other parts of the state, Wawa has active liquor licenses for a store in Middletown Township and one in Chadds Ford, both southwest of Philadelphia, according to PLCB records. Those licenses don’t come cheap. PLCB records show Wawa spent $186,000 for one license and almost that much for another.