Fuels Institute Creates EV Council

Research will focus on information that will give fuel retailers the knowledge needed to prepare for EVs.

June 19, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The electrification of the transportation industry has gone from doubt and denial to acceptance. Now retailers face the need to gauge the disruption and prepare their stores. To assist the fuel marketing industry, the Fuels Institute has created the EV Council.

The EV Council is the industry’s response to gaps in hard data that are necessary to fill for the fuels industry to future-proof its companies. Participation in the EV Council has been enormous and includes companies all across the industry lines, supporting research into electric vehicle technology and fuel infrastructure needs, among others.

The vast majority of the EV research has been strictly focused on light duty vehicles (LDV) as that market sector is expected to grow rapidly. As the Fuels Institute published its recent report, “Electric Vehicle Adoption: Focus on Charging,” the council took things one step further and asked “what is happening with the heavy duty EV (HD EV) market?”

OEMs have been developing class 4 to class 8 vehicles at rapid rates. Because of this, the council has set out to determine how this activity will impact fuel retailers and, in particular, what infrastructure will be necessary to support these types of vehicles, which pose the need for enormous amounts of energy.

In California, the biggest HD EV pilot study ($90,000,000) to-date is under way. The pilot study, Volvo Lights, includes fleets, fuel retailers and EV supply equipment providers, among others. The EV Council recently had the opportunity to interview Dawn Fenton, Volvo Group North America (vice president, government relations and public affairs) and Kimberly Okafor, (zero-emission solutions manager) Trillium, in the most recent Carpool Chats, to discuss the project, along with what it will mean for the future of the HD vehicle market.