Platte Street Mercantile Tests Cashless Convenience Store

The self-service store was created to test Impulsify’s grab-and-go software.

January 17, 2020

DENVER—Platte Street Mercantile is testing more than whether customers gravitate more toward quinoa salad or chips—it’s using a real-world scenario to pilot Impuslify’s grab-and-go software, BusinessDen reports.

“When we decided to do Platte Street Mercantile it became a lab for … our price, our products,” said Janine Williams, co-founder of Impulsify. “It’s a completely self-service store [which] puts our design to the test.”

In 2013, Williams and Tammy Williams (no relation) founded the business to “specialize in helping non-retailers do well at retail,” Janine Williams said. Many of their clients are hotels and gyms.

In December, Impulsify opened the mercantile to highlight the company’s self-service kiosk called Shop Pop. Customers checkout by themselves, while a single employee focuses on inventory upkeep. Platte Street Mercantile gives the company an outlet to train clients and staff, as well as test new products.