Shell to Increase German EV Charging Stations

The number of fast-charging stations will double and give drivers a way to reduce carbon emissions.

February 07, 2020

THE HAGUE, Netherlands—Shell will increase its EV fast-charging stations in Germany twofold to 200 charging points, up from the previously announced 100, Eletreck reports. The oil company has been working through its “new energies” division. As part of that focus, Shell bought Greenlots, which installs EV infrastructure, in 2019.

Shell also will give motorists a way to offset driving emissions by paying a small fee (about 1 cent per fuel liter) designated to fund carbon reduction initiatives. The program will operate in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, with revenue going toward restoration and conservation projects around the world.

The company also has plans to participate in carbon offset initiatives for emissions as a result of the manufacture, transport and sale of fuel.

Shell joins other oil companies in branching out to EV charging stations. For example, Total will install charge points throughout Europe, including Germany, in the coming months.

Last year, NACS and other groups urged lawmakers to back private investment in charging stations. “We have no objection to utility companies investing in EV charging infrastructure provided they do so via their unregulated businesses,” said Paige Anderson, NACS director of government relations. “This would result in a level playing field, where all parties are putting capital at risk and have similar incentives to respond to consumer demand and compete on quality and price.”