Gen Z Has High Expectations From Brands

They want brands to spread happiness, make life easier.

February 04, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In today’s connected era, brands have greater access to more consumer insights than ever before, and consumers have more ways in which to share their opinions about the businesses they deal with. That's changed the way many organizations operate and what customers expect, according to a report in Social Media Today.

Snap Inc., an American camera and social media company, recently partnered with Cassandra, a business intelligence firm, to collect opinions from Gen Z consumers about their expectations, in terms of innovation, from the brands that they're more likely to purchase. The top responses were:

  • Continuously evolving
  • Adoption of the latest technology
  • A focus on making products more accessible
  • Brands that make people’s lives easier
  • Brands that make people happier

While the first two responses were to be expected, Snap notes that the others are more surprising. Various reports have documented Gen Z's more social conscious approach to consumption and reported that brands that take a stand on social issues are more likely to relate to younger shoppers.

But the results also uncovered another key area of focus. Snap reported that, “listening to customer feedback and ideas is another mark of innovation. Gen Z feels strongly that brands should source ideas from the public to stay ahead of the curve. They’re also more likely to support a company if they feel their feedback makes a difference (80%) and if the company actually makes changes based on customer feedback (82%)." 

Businesses can maximize their use of social media to improve the customer experience. Through social channels, they have an opportunity to tune into what's being said, and then improve their products and processes based on that feedback.

It is also worth noting that core brand fundamentals, such as price and quality, are still critical in the Gen Z decision-making process.