India Gas Stations to Switch to Clean Fuel

Euro-VI emission compliant fuels go nationwide April 1.

February 25, 2020

NEW DELHI, India—On April 1, fueling stations in India will switch to the world's cleanest petrol and diesel as the country moves from the Euro-IV grades currently offered to Euro-VI emission compliant fuels. According to, India will join the select league of nations using petrol and diesel, which contain just 10 parts per million of sulfur in an effort to cut vehicle emissions.

Sanjiv Singh is chairman of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the firm that controls roughly half of the country's fuel market. He announced that almost all refineries had begun producing ultra-low sulfur BS-VI (equivalent to Euro-VI grade) petrol and diesel by the end of 2019. Now oil companies are working to replace every drop of fuel in the country with the cleaner option.

“Almost all refineries have begun supplying BS-VI fuel and the same has reached storage depots across the country,” said Singh. “We are 100% confident that fuel that will flow from nozzles at all the petrol pumps in the country on April 1 will be BS-VI emission compliant fuel."

India adopted Euro-III equivalent (or Bharat Stage-III) fuel with a sulfur content of 350 ppm in 2010 and then took seven years to move to BS-IV that had a sulfur content of 50 ppm. The move from BS-IV to BS-VI took only three years.