Thinking About Future After Gas

With a growing number of EVs, Norway is where to see a way beyond gas pumps. 

February 19, 2020

BERGEN, Norway—What will a future without gasoline cars on the road look like for gas stations? Major fuel retail chains are looking to Norway for a peek at what an electric vehicle future might be like, Electrek reports. Norway’s government announced it wants to stop selling fossil fuel cars by 2025.

In the country’s second-biggest city, nearly one in five vehicles are fully electric. That fact has brought oil and fuel retailers to Bergen to study how the city is adapting. For example, Couche-Tard views Norway as a “laboratory” to look into how a future without gas stations would function. In Scandinavia, the company swapped out fuel pumps with EV chargers at some Circle K stations.

“More and more bigger companies, oil companies, petrol-station chains, those global companies are coming here. I think it’s a really good thing because it means that now we start to see the beginning of the change,” said Christin Bu, secretary-general for the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

Convenience stores are considering options beyond gas pumps, such as fresh foodservice, car washes, auto repairs and on-site shipping stations. Hakon Stiksrud, senior director of e-mobility for Couche-Tard’s Circle K petrol station business in Europe stated on these options, “With electrical mobility, a whole range of new business models arises.”