What Grocery Shoppers Want

All ages and income levels desire digital payment, delivery and pickup.

December 03, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—As consumers continue spending time at home, they’re ordering groceries online in far larger numbers than ever before, reports Pymnts.com. In fact, 15.7% of all grocery shoppers now say they are buying fewer groceries in stores and more online than they had before the pandemic, about four times more than the 3.9% who shopped online on March 6.

Nine months into the pandemic, 63.9% of consumers use digital channels to buy at least some of their groceries online, and grocers have the opportunity to gain new customers from among these omnichannel shoppers if they offer the digital payment options that consumers have come to expect.

The “Omnichannel Grocery Report: Leveraging Digital Purchasing Channels to Boost Conversionis the result of a recent survey of 2,066 U.S. consumers conducted by of Pymnts and ACI. Respondents were asked their preferences for online grocery shopping and digital payment options.

The study found that 38.6% of all consumers prefer grocery shopping with large national chains, and Walmart was the most preferred merchant at 27.8%. However, 25.4% buy groceries from online grocers of all sizes, which means that small food retailers can attract new customers if they provide digital payment and online options.

More than one-third of grocery buyers said they’d be willing to switch from a favorite grocer to one that offers touchless in-store payment technologies, such as digital wallets, QR codes, cards on file and POS credit options. Another opportunity to gain new customers lies in delivering digital payment options to the 63.9% of omnichannel consumers who use both brick-and-mortar and digital channels to shop.

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