Yesway Adopts RangeMe Technology

The discovery platform connects retailers with innovative, emerging products.

August 13, 2020

DES MOINES, Iowa—Yesway, the 400-store chain based in Des Moines, Iowa, announced a partnership with RangeMe, a San Francisco technology firm that has developed a sourcing platform that allows retail buyers to efficiently discover and source innovative and emerging products.

Yesway was founded on the idea that convenience store shopping should be convenient and has made it a mission to provide consumers with an improved product selection. According to a news release, Yesway will use the RangeMe platform to connect and collaborate with more than 175,000 suppliers, making new product discovery simpler and more efficient.

“As we gain momentum on our mission to bring our shoppers an even more amazing in-store experience, we know that one of the ways to do so is by finding new brands and suppliers that meet our customers’ desires,” said Derek Gaskins, chief marketing officer, Yesway. “With access to the RangeMe platform, we are giving ourselves an edge in bringing products to shelf that will set us apart from other c-stores. Having the technology at our fingertips will help us in scaling our mission that much faster.”

Yesway's partnership with RangeMe comes at the start of a new era of product discovery, where technology is the gateway to creating better connections in the consumer-packaged goods industry, the news release added.