Silver Diner’s New System Scrubs Indoor Air

The purification system is designed to make indoor dining nearly as safe as being outdoors.

August 12, 2020

ROCKVILLE, Md.—Silver Diner is cleaning up its air, as well as serving “clean” food in its 20 locations, Chain Store Age reports. The chain has installed a customized indoor air filtration and purification system to scrub indoor air.

“Our goal is to make indoor dining as safe as possible to outdoor dining,” said Silver Diner group co-founder and President Robert Giaimo. “We believe this is the restaurant model of the future. It maximizes the safety of our employees and our guests.”

Designed by Veteran LED, the system reportedly eliminates 99.9% of pathogens within enclosed spaces through bipolar ionization technology, HEPA filtration and germicidal UV-C light. In addition, air purifiers work alongside the system to clean the air. The installation addresses concerns of wary consumers who may not be comfortable eating indoors while eating out on the town.

Silver Diner also offers carhop service, outdoor tented cafes and menus printed on anti-microbial paper. “First of all, we wanted our employees to feel as safe as possible,” Giaimo said of the new air system. “Secondly, we wanted our customers to feel comfortable dining with us. We want to be their home away from home, and we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to get them back,” he said.

“This pandemic is forcing businesses, engineers, architects and more, to rethink how proven technology and a little innovation can go a long way in helping to support a safer environment for all building occupants,” said Veteran LED founder Chris Rawlings. “Air quality and healthy environments are on the forefront of all of our minds right now.”

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