No Mask, No Service in LA

City mandates face coverings for service industry employees and customers.

April 09, 2020

LOS ANGELES—Starting on Friday, employees and customers at many non-medical essential businesses in Los Angeles, such as convenience stores, will be required to wear a mask or some type of face covering to work or shop, reports Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the mask mandate, called the Worker Protection Order, on Tuesday and instructed businesses to refuse service to any customers not wearing masks.

The order applies to convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, warehouse stores, food banks, certified farmer’s markets, hardware and building supply stores, plumbers, electricians, handyman services, moving services, gardeners, laundromats, dry cleaners, taxis, ride sharing services, car rental companies and hotels, plus restaurants and retail food facilities that prepare and offer food to customers for delivery, pickup or drive-thru.

“Our idea is not to be arresting and fining people. This is about self-enforcement,” said Garcetti, adding that the city could issue civil citations if people don’t comply. Employers are responsible for providing their workers with non-medical face coverings.

The mayor reiterated that businesses must ensure that social distancing is practiced among customers and employees, and he suggested that plexiglass shields be installed between employee workstations and customers. He also encouraged all citizens to wear face coverings whenever they are outside their homes, but that is a recommendation, not a requirement.

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